About the Founder

Damian Farquharson is the founder and visionary of the God Embassy Ministry (G.E.M). Damian is a man of God with a passion for holiness and seeing generations impacted for the cause of Jesus Christ. His journey with the Lord started at the tender age of 7 years old when he was taken to church by his grand-Aunt on a Sunday morning for the first time in the little community of Rollington Town located in Kingston, Jamaica. He was so touched by the service that when he came home that Sunday and began preaching in the middle of his yard, to the suprise of his family members. In July 2007, Damian surrendered his life to the Lord and subsequently the call of God upon his life to preach and teach the Word. Damian has had an unusual grace upon his life from a tender age. He often vividly recalls the “prophetic picture” he demonstrated in his earlier days as he as a child often played with his mother’s iron board and buckets, pretending to play the keyboard and drums. A skill that he has honed and still uses today. Damian's zeal and hunger to see God is move is often tangible and palatable to the people who encounter his atmosphere. He traces back the center of his hunger and zeal for the things of God to the first prophetic encounter he had as a teenager. He recounts “As I grew older and gained understanding, I saw that the prophetic word had come to pass.” 

Yea thou it tarry…the vision must come to pass…

Habbakuk 2:3

Damian Farquharson has seen the word of many prophetic voices come to pass over the years. God has also used him to speak over the lives of countless others. Mr. Farquharson is a music ministrel as well as a dynamic preacher and teacher of the word of God. He is also gifted with a strong prophetic and prayer mantle. His ministry is normally accompanied by numerous salvations, accurate prophetic utterances and deliverance of the oppressed. He accredits his spiritual roots and strong Biblical foundation to serving under the ministries of Prophet Micheal Carter of the Celebration Church as well as Dr. Rev. Otis Manning who both invested time, experience, material and invaluable lessons to his life and ministry.

Damian’s humble disposition and hunger for God is often his personal G.E.M that he epitomizes as he seeks to demonstrate the message that humans are God’s G.E.Ms in the Earth. His passion for souls and serving the church is fueled by his desire to see God glorified in the Earth in any way possible. Damion is a student of the Word of God and also an avid reader. He serves his local church on the island of Jamaica and is a rising sought-after crusade and conference speaker locally and internationally. He is a true visionary and man of God for this time and season.


Expect the Miraculous!

Damian was empowered by the Holy Spirit after a series of encounters in the year 2012 to declare the word of God with power and prophetic clarity. These encounters led to the birthing of God Embassy Ministries (G.E.M). God Embassy Ministries is a prophetic ministry which is under the leadership and vision of Damian, who is the apostolic leader of the Ministry. The G.E.M Ministry is a local and international arm of his personal ministry and it serves as a platform for various missionary arms which serve the nations of the world through advancing the Kingdom of God. Under the leadership of the man of God and by partnering with the anointing upon his life you can expect prophetic release, breakthrough and deliverance to be commonplace in your life. You attract what you esteem! G.E.M Ministries International is dedicated to praying and pressing into the Glory of God so that the captive can go free, the lost can be restored and a dying generation can be revived by the Power of the Holy Spirit.