A Visionary Missionary

Today, hardly anyone wants to name the title of a missionary. The glitz and glamour of the itinerant preaching scene and the often forgotten ministry to the sick and shut-in’s seems to be the rise and emergence of a new culture in Christendom: GO AFTER THE PULPIT!

But this is not what Jesus taught. In fact, he taught a very simple message when it comes on to missions and the need to serve one another in the book of Matthew Chapter 25 and verse 40. He teaches that “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”
True missions done for God are to be done everyday. Doing ordinary acts of love to our brothers and sisters not only behind a pulpit or a mike. This is the mindset the believer is to hold and cling on to. I believe this is the day and age where God is raising up some visionary missionaries who are not afraid to dream and envision a day where the true sense of missions is actualized. A visionary missionary is a man or woman of God that is on a mission to restore back the vision Jesus had for the missionary experience. After all that is God’s standard for the church.

The Body of Christ is coming into the age where the “traditional” missionary wearing the long robes and passing out bibles is ending. It is now time to find creative, supernatural and spontaneous ways of sharing the gospel of Christ across the globe. The advent of the Internet, Social Media and Logistics as we know it, allow for the spread of the gospel to be at our fingertips. The truth is this new generation of new missionaries cannot help but be visionaries. It is time for the body of Christ to rise up with fresh insight and revelations empowered by prophetic purpose as we seek to usher in this endtime move of God.

The world needs visionary missionaries. A set of people who know their calling and identity. Who are not afraid to stand and be counted. We must pray and press in for the uprising of evangelists and missionaries and the safety of the missionaries. A missionary is a dangerous weapon in the hands of God. Missionaries are the assassins and the contracted killers of principalities. A visionary missionary is a sure fire sniper assassin to the devil. We must pray for the uprising of these. Those who carry prophetic vision and are armed with supernatural grace. We need more visionary missionaries.

Written by Kevan Ferguson

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