Healing Rays

“But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings”

Malachi 4:2

The world around is so broken. The enemy has destroyed and broken the hearts of many persons. Everyday I walk I see someone broken. Someone needing the love of God. Someone who has never experienced the healing power of Jesus Christ. It is a truth that the world needs healing. Oftentimes, we focus on the healing of sick bodies, which is an essential part of the gospel but the emotional wounds a person has often go unhealed or unaddressed.

Persons are plauged with insecurities, hurts, emotional scars, disappointments and betrayals – hidden emotional wounds often unaddressed and unhealed. If we are not careful we could grow carrying the emotional wounds and scars of our past into our future. This is surely not God’s will for his children.

We as God’s children are to walk in divine health, wealth and providence in every area of our life. But why do we suffer hurts and challenges then? If this is God’s will for us, why? The answer is simple. The enemy, the serpent has continued to operate in the dust, on the ground often unseen but unheard. He has injected poison into the hearts of men through sin. Sin is the poison that has infected the hearts of men and caused there hearts to wax cold as the scripture puts it. In other words, there emotions have been wounded. Men have become emotionally sick and cold because of the serpent. But it is interesting to take note of how nature has an inbuilt response to poison. The eagle is an interesting creature and scripture tells us in Isaiah 40:31 that we that wait on the Lord will “mount up with wings like eagles”. This prophetic picture of the eagle is key to understanding how to soar above emotional wounds.

The eagle when poisoned never stays on the ground and suffers and dies. The eagle after dealing with its difficult meal which often is a snake, is weary and hurt by the fangs and poison of the serpent. Instead of staying on the ground and slowly dying of the poison. The eagle takes to the sky, slowly but surely starts to fly and musters all his energy to the place of soaring. The eagle in its weak state then takes its soar to another extreme, as the eagle gathers enough energy to go as close to the Sun as possible. As the eagle approaches the Sun, the UV rays of the Sun, burn the poison out of the eagle’s wound and cause healing to the eagle. It is the exposure to the rays of light of the sun that cause the eagle to be healed.

Malachi prophesies a prophetic picture that the Sun of Righteousness who is Jesus Christ. When he comes those who fear him, those who believe in him. He will arise with healing in his rays. The rays of light from the Sun of God-who is the Son of God, will burn out all the poison of yesterdays and there will be healing. Irrespective of your situation, your pain, your struggle, get close enough to the Sun of righteousness. There his healing rays, will cause you to be healed.

-Written by Kevan Ferguson

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