Overcoming Church Gossip

If we will ever rise to a position of greatness for God. We must learn to not be swayed by the opinions of men. Although gossip is a sin, clearly outlines the bible. Many believers often struggle with this sin. Gossip is often rampant in churches, from the pews to even the clergy of some churches. Gossip is often the foothold that gives way to rumors and scandals. And with gossip comes the spirit of lies and accusation, the entire arsenal of demonic devices to destroy the unity of the saints.

Saints of the most High, we must fight against this spirit. If you are reading this and are guilty of gossiping. Please ask the Lord to forgive you and wash you of this sin. Gossip is any unfruitful talk or speech, speculation or accusation not based on concrete evidence- it is unfruitful fleshly chatter which increases unto ungodliness. We must identify this spirit before it is too late and its eggs are hatched and we have a full on war with this spirit and its family members.

Gossip works in ranks. Often times the spirit of gossip starts with offense or bitterness. A person confides there thoughts in another and the thought continues to spread throughout the church or organization. Discerning the cause and start of gossip is often the start to recognizing how it took root. Once gossip is released, the reputation, character and integrity of a person is put in question and now the image of love that should be portrayed is changed to a defensive, arrogant and selfish attitude that denies a person the love they deserve as a person made in the image and likeness of God.

To uproot gossip, we need to:

  1. Be careful not to speak what we do not know.
  2. Be prayerful.
  3. Concentrate on speaking good and not negative of an individual.
  4. Asess whether what we speak is uplifting or edifying to the hearers.
  5. Pray that no root of bitterness be in us.
  6. Consider our words before we speak.

Let us eradicate gossip and let is start with us. If you have struggled with gossip or have been a victim of gossip, ask God to heal you. Forgive those that have spoken wrongly against you. Start the process of asking God for emotional healing. He will perform it after all he is the Balm in Gilead.

-Written by Kevan Ferguson

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